Westlite Tuas Lodge I is a quality dormitory located on the western part of Singapore. Completed in 2010, it was awarded the BCA Green Mark Gold Award in 2010 in recognition of its outstanding design and construction quality, a rarity for temporary structured buildings.

The dormitory comprises of approximately 8,600 beds and houses primarily workers from the construction industry.


Westlite dormitory (Tuas) Pte Ltd
90 Tuas South Avenue 9 Singapore 637397
Tel: 65 6899 9988 / Fax 65 6898 9988
For enquiries, please email us at tuas@westlite.com.sg


  • ATMs
  • Barber shop
  • Telephone shop
  • Laundry services
  • Basketball, volleyball, sepak takraw and street soccer courts
  • Clinic
  • Foodcourt
  • Games room
  • Indoor gym
  • Internet room
  • Library
  • Music and TV room
  • Supermarket
  • Outdoor exercise corner