Flexible Solutions

We provide offshore services at great prices to our Sales Partners. Services are for web/apps design, websites, mobile apps and web apps development. Open source or customised from scratch.

Credible & Reliable Deliveries

We have been around 11 years in Singapore (SG) and have build all types of private and govt software projects. Now, with SG HQ and development teams in India, we do simple to complicated web/apps projects for partners.

Our Promise To Sales Partners

We do not sell any services to any new end clients who approach us directly. We will pass leads to our partners to close the deal. This is our promise to our Sales Partners. Our aims are simple and traditional. We believe in collaboration to grow big together.

Responsive Solutions

websites by default support full responsive. We also have some options available. Contact our sales if have questions.

Software Training Support

Because technology move so fast, we update our Sales Partners as much as possible on the latest issues/updates on software/tech markets. So that you can sell with correct info! Get on our skype and mailing list!

Full Support

We provide pre-sales to post-development support for our offshore services Sales Partners. Our aim is to provide the best customer support so our partners can do well. And we would be able to do well.

Reachable Teams

Regular and reachable staff via skype chats. At all awake hours. Staff meaning HQ, project management, development team, and helpdesk team.

Live Support

Tech support is available all the time via our helpdesk tech team. Pre-sales and tech support via live chats at website really soon. We are aiming for an eventual 24 x 7 team in near future.

Global Presence

With India side as development base, we are growing to have more teams to support each city/country we service. We welcome anyone who wants to join us in this quest.

Our Aim
Our sales processes and project management methods are standardised and efficient. And we will continue to improve our processes and services, as we grow larger to support you.
We value feedback very much from all clients. No matter how big or small.
If you are from an ad agency / branding / web solutions / IT solutions company from any country, We Want You, as our Sales Partner.
Let us know if we can assist you in your projects. Thus, providing you with long-term support and solve your HR issues forever

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