On the Ground Knowledge – Coffeeseed’s core strength is its people. Our ground teams form the backbone of the organisation. Our people live and work in the regions where we operate. They know the farms, mills and exporters personally because they engage with them every day If an issue presents itself, our team can handle it immediately because they are there and available. Our team, our experience our logistics problem solving combined with our industry knowledge, form the basis for how we deliver value for to our customers.

Responsible Sourcing – Quality of the farm and the mill is a are key aspects to a responsible sourcing program. We only accept a source after we have determined the scope and capacity of farm’s quality and capacity. This includes a clear understanding of the quality and production processes, financial strength of the business, delivery history the ability of the business to consistently meet industry standards.

Logistics – Quality coffee is possible only if beans are delivered to the buyer on time with a traceable chain of custody. Our relationships and understanding of local logistical conditions enable us to consistently source the beans the customer has ordered and deliver those beans to the right place at the right time and in good condition.

Extended Networks – Our extensive partner networks allow us to stay updated on ground conditions, pricing, and supply availability especially with the speed at which change occurs in the industry.

Access to the Source – The coffee business is built around relationships. Those relationships begin with the source of the beans – the farm. While we are always looking for new product on behalf of our customers, most of our sources have worked with Coffeeseed for years. This enables trust to be built between farm and buyer in a way that strengthens the relationship.

Compliance – Coffeeseed ensures that all orders are compliant with origin country laws.

Industry Compliance – Coffeeseed believes in not only meeting but exceeding industry standards. To do so requires active communication with all components of the coffee supply chain. This ensures that all Coffeeseed orders are compliant with industry standards. Soliciting and verifying buyer requested certifications such as Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, and USDA Organic is a daily component of Coffeeseed’s sourcing practices.